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Journey into creativity with us.

Unleash Your Brand's Adventure with Our Explorer Attitude: Creative Branding, Design, and Video Production.

We make works that communicate. We have in-house creatives,designers, producers and editors turn ideas into reality that engages, resonates and rewards your audiences for their time.


Contact us

Hong Kong / +852 61316156

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Joyce_Profile Image.png
Joyce Chow
Creative Director

As the Creative Director of JLE, she has an uncanny ability to craft engaging content that captivates and resonates with any audience.

Louise_Profile Image.png
Louise Lau
Production Lead

Award winning director with 10+ years experience, she excels in delivering ingenious solutions that address client briefs under various constraints, both locally and overseas.

Edward_Profile Image.png
Edward Wong
Motion Director

With 10+ years of experience designing digital content and campaigns for top media groups in Southeast Asia, he is a highly skilled graphic and motion designer who brings a wealth of expertise to any project.

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